Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today is a perfect day. 75 degrees and sunny.  For the first time in three weeks, I don't have to work on Saturday. I am sitting outside writing about wine and watching this symphonic play of wildlife in my front yard.  For a moment, I can forget about oil spills and chemical dispersants and enjoy the chirruping of:

House finch
House sparrow
Chipping sparrow
Mourning dove
There was even a ruby-throated hummingbird who took a sniff at the seed feeders before buzzing away.

I can also hear the rattling of a chipmunk in the storm drain and a gray squirrel is hopping here and there, no doubt wondering how to get to the seed, though I am ten feet from the feeder.

If you think that sounds pretty good, wait till you get a load of my sandwich!

Roast beef, ham, pepper jack, tomato, pickle and onion on sourdough.  The only oil I'm thinking about right now is the one mixed with vinegar and drizzled on this giant ass sandwich.

I believe I'll pour a glass of Chardonnay.  There may even be a cigar in my near future.

All is well with the world.



creative jenny said...

Roast beef sandwich.... I could be there and be a part of the feast. Picture sure looks inviting and... I would come with one of the incredible red wines the Portuguese have. Have you ever tried the exact same ingredients on rye bread as the Danes would? You've just given me a tip for Dennis's visit. Will prepare the beef and will post a picture for you! Bon apetit Nate, it does look like a very relaxing lunch! Thank you for sharing..........

Alexandra Hidalgo said...

Lovely, my darling... missing you and thinking of you as I sit here with Spence. I just had Isla cuddling in my arms for quite a while. It was marvelous!

Kathy said...

Directly juxtaposed to your megalithic sandwich is a photo of poor baby Fallis #30, Jackson Thomas -----why does he looks so unhappy??? Could it be the frustration he feels due to the knowledge it will be many a year, and many a tooth, before he can indulge in this type of gustatory delight? (Kathy)