Friday, May 21, 2010

Jealousy Rears its Ugly Head

As my sister prepares a giant banner in anticipation of daughter Isla Sun's third birthday, big sister Seda Moon makes it abundantly clear what she thinks of having to play second fiddle for a day:

Wearing one of her signature "light pink, clean" leotards and showing no remorse, Seda unloads the contents of her upper gastro-intestinal system with the cold-blooded and ruinous accuracy of a true assassin.  Sabotage is hardly a novel tactic for the young sociopath, who in 2009, outraged over what she called "a government hijacking of our personal liberties," threw up on an early draft of the healthcare reform bill.

The chunky orange blob (McBone analysts have determined it to be a mixture of pizza, blackberries and gastric juices) is said to have caused several cases of "dry heaves" among witnesses.  Plans for the birthday celebration have been indefinitely postponed.



Darin said...

Somebody needs to send that in to S#!t My Kids Ruined

creative jenny said...

Really enjoyed your writing, the fun way you describe a simple occurrence and how through the words you put together to create a picture I get to laugh as well as cringe when reading about the mix...ui... mi estomago! te felicito por tu creatividad.