Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bald Eagle at Celery Bog

In honor of my wife's 33rd birthday, a bald eagle took time off its busy schedule to visit us at Celery Bog Park right here in West Lafayette.  Though difficult to see in a picture taken with our decidedly low-power lens, rest assured, McBoners, that this dark splotch is, in all its majesty, a genuine bald eagle.

For the entire hour we spent at the park, this gigantic bird remained perched in one spot.  Though that may seem a long time to spend without a laptop, facebook or the final season of Lost, I figure it may have been engaged in any number of these activities:

-Sharpening its razor-sharp talons.

-Sharpening its razor-sharp beak.

-Surveying the landscape for the very plumpest rodents.

-Contemplating American Freedom (a.k.a. Liberty).

-Removing parasites.

-Inspiring awe.

This bald eagle sighting represents a first for both Alex and me.  A sudden and overwhelming urge to join the U.S. Armed Forces passed quickly, and we contented ourselves to gaze in wonderment. Thank you, eagle, for deigning to spend an afternoon with us.

Also, I would like to point out that my wife is very attractive.



Cait said...

You guys are so cute!

Kid Shay said...

She even looks good in a bog.

By the way - you took your wife to a bog for her birthday?

creative jenny said...

Nate, I have not been visiting lately, but... as I read your posts I am amazed by the difference in our English. I don't really understand all that is written, the English, that is, but, I sure get the mumour in your posts. YOu are so talented and I get a kick out of reading your posts, they are fun!
Benfica won tonight! big day for Portugal! viva Benfica!

creative jenny said...

Sunny Sunday over here and I decided to read some of your posts.
I enjoy your point of views, humour and chosen topics.
Contemplation with someone we are intimate with and love can be a rather complete way of celebrating a birthday (provided you have the wine afterwards....)
Yes, you have a very attractive looking wife and.... we, the Berghaegers are patiently waiting for the new 'addition' to the family. bjs