Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Reason #99 to Love Cleveland Sports: Hot Rod's Box

Cavs great John "Hot Rod" Williams. For nine seasons (1986-'95) he wore a Cavaliers uniform, half of them as a devastating backup forward, half battling valiantly as an undersized starting center.

We remember Hot Rod for many reasons. He had an unorthodox free throw shooting style where he would cock the ball almost directly behind his head (he also had a maddening habit of missing one of two). He was a great shot blocker--good for two a game. He could score, rebound, even pass a little. More than anything, though, we remember his box hairstyle--easily the finest in NBA history.

Boxes were high style when Hot Rod was manning the frontcourt at Richfield Coliseum, and he stuck with it long after they went out of fashion. Standing at 6'11", at least three of those inches belonged to his towering and immortal box.

McBone Inc.

PS. The NOML salutes Hod Rod's excellent moustache.

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