Monday, July 2, 2007

The Wonderful World of Sports

Third baseman Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is making 27 million dollars to play baseball this year. 27 million dollars. One year. 162 games. That should see him through the winter, don't you think? He should be able to stretch it out, maybe even have enough left over for a rainy day.
Well, just in case, Rodriguez was awarded an additional 200k for being selected to play in the all-star game. Good for him. Who couldn't use a little extra padding in the old savings account?
Really, isn't this kind of obscene? I mean, come on. In a country where families scrape by on less than $15,000 a year, isn't this just a little stomach-turning? This guy is, after all, a baseball player. He is important...why? Someone please explain.
I love baseball. I LOVE baseball. I could go on and on about why this sport is, in fact, important. To me, it is the grandest game of them all. But right now I think I'm going to toss my cookies.
Yes, Rodriguez is a great player. Yes, we as fans perpetuate this kind of crap by going to games and paying $20 for a hotdog and a beer so some musclehead can make 27 million dollars for swinging a stick of wood. Yes, millions of us would trade places with him in a second. Yes, I'm sure he donates a nice chunk to charity...
I repeat: this is fucked up.
PS. A-Rod is the lamest nickname in sports history.
PPS. This entry in no way caused Alex Rodriguez' recent injury, which occurred only hours after its posting.

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Kid Shay said...

Yeah, but, you know, most players are retired by the time they're 40. Which means that $27 million will have to last him until the day he dies. And his family, don't forget.

My question is: do you want Alex Rodriguez's children to starve?