Friday, July 13, 2007

Nate's Friday Sports Extravaganza

This weeks FSE is going to be something less than an extravaganza, but then, I'm on vacation.


Signing Travis Hafner through at least the 2012 season gets a really, really big McBone Seal of Approval. McB. He's having an off year and still is on pace to drive in 100 runs. He's solid in every way and, when on his normal game, a top 5 hitter in the game.

Who would have thought that when Jim Thome departed that Travis Hafner would be better t han Thome. And he is.

Prediction: Hafner will lead the team in RBIs.


Thank you, Memphis, for signing Darko Milicic. Now the Cavs get to keep Anderson Varejao. It would be a big screwup now to lose him, now that no other teams can offer him huge cash.

This team will improve just from being together another year. However, the biggest factor will be Shannon Brown. I predict that this guy is a major piece by the time next year's playoffs roll around.

Seeing Shannon Brown in some summer league action, I am amazed at his athleticism. He is build much more solidly than I remember, and he is so explosive. Very intriguing.

Friday Afternoon addendum: Rumors are flying (I know, I said before I hate rumors, but this one has some teeth) that Drew Gooden will be traded for Mike Bibby. Do it. Mike Bibby running the offense will make Mike Brown look a lot, a LOT more copempetent. Wait and see. While I will miss Drew Gooden, particularly his offensive rebounding, I don't think he will ever realize his full potential in a Cavs uniform. Believe me he has more upside than we've seen, and that upside is on the offensive end.

OK folks. That's it. More from and on the tropics to come.


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I'm going to the Indians game tomorrow night and I will be thinking of you!