Friday, April 27, 2012

Glory on the Floor

Fellow Akronites, Firestone High School Grads, McBoners one and all!

One of our missions here at McBone is to support our friends and family in their creative endeavors.  My old high school pal and cross-country teammate (State Champs in 1991, as I recall...) Kim and her collaborator Brian (alas, not from Akron), who together form the musical duo Glory on the Floor, are raising funds for the launch of their debut album, Asheville Skyline.  Like folk?  Bluegrass?  Country?  Blues?  Anything with an upright bass?  So do we!  Take a listen, and you'll hear why we're stamping it most emphatically with the McBone Seal of Approval:

Making it as a musician is a struggle.  Travel, production and promotion add up.  But music is among the worthiest of struggles, so won't you make a modest donation in support of this project?  The drive ends Sunday, Apr 29 at 12:01 AM, and they are nearing their goal.


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