Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Recap: Shittiest Day Ever

Today was one shitty day.  Epically shitty.  Let's recap, in order of shittiness.

1) Maurice Sendak dies.  There will never be another like him, and 82 earthly years was far too short a duration for such endless, otherworldly imagination.

2) North Carolina voters ban gay marriage.  Someday the US Supreme Court will take this decision out of the hands of ignorant, imbecilic  voters.

3) Richard Lugar loses his primary challenge to Tea Party-backed Richard Mourdock.  I did something today that I never did before and will likely never do again: I cast a vote for a Republican.  Yes, I voted for Richard Lugar, which felt a bit like five minutes swimming through bilge-water, but also reminded me fondly of when I was a Republican for a month.  I did it because Richard Lugar is one of the few remaining Republican legislators not guided by raging hysteria and blind obstinacy.  I did it in the name of compromise.  And I did it because I just can't abide this new breed of conservative, who touts his brand of patriotism as supreme and won't stop waving the constitution in our faces, as if to say 'if you'd just read it, you might actually get it.'

4) We spent about 10 hours cleaning this godforsaken house, and it's still a freaking mess.

So that's it.  Five minutes to go for May 8th, 2012.  When I get the Delorean up and running, remind me not to revisit this goddam shitty-ass day ever again.



Darin said...

North Carolina not only banned gay marriage, those imbeciles banned all civil unions. Idiots.

punkinsmom said...

Yes, but think of all the redneck assholes who have voided their own common-law marriages and made their children bastards. All the speaking in tongues in praise of the Lord in the world won't get that forgiven. LOL