Saturday, April 2, 2011

In Memoriam

Below is a photograph of my brother and occasional co-blogger, Stabbone.  The wispy fibers clinging to his upper lip comprise the moustache that earned him second place (out of two) in the Northern Ohio Moustache League's legendary 2006 Moustache Growing Championship.

That contest ended in scandal.  A few hasty strokes of the razor sent the brown beauty surging to a foul and unworthy doom.  To this day, traces of the silver medal 'stache no doubt mingle among any manner of unspeakable filth.  Alas, such a fate it deserved not!

Five years later, we reflect on what was, and what might have been.  Moustache!  Too short was your time on Earth, but yours was a life that will inspire for all time.

Fly, fly on, downy fur!  Rise up from your excremental resting place!



Darin said...

While that 'stache is a valiant effort, it takes more than just effort to get my vote in joining Rollie Fingers, Clark Gable, David Nevin, et al. As a former Northeastern Ohioan, when I was a kid I dreamed of the day I was old enough to grow my attempt at the hallowed wings of the NOML Hall of Fame. Stabbone's whiskers do not live up to my childhood dreams of moustache excellency. He should definitely try again.

McBone said...

Agreed. That's a moustache that wants to be great. Ah, the tragedy of wasted potential.