Saturday, April 23, 2011

If This Doesn't Get You Hopping Mad...

Nothing will.  My intention today was to sleep in, relax, bird watch and drink a martini.  It was a good plan.  A great plan even.  Then I had to go and click a link on facebook and now it's all blown to hell:

There are moments that warrant a wtf?!? and moments when only a good old-fashioned, undiluted, well-enunciated What the fuck? will do.  Watching a video of young women being arrested for making the best out of a dire situation not only made my head explode, it sent my mightiest What the FUCK? soaring north toward Lansing.

The Age of the Republican Governor is upon us, and, as the headlines fly by, I seriously begin to wonder if these guys are locked in some kind of all-out, Koch-sponsored game of gubernatorial one-upmanship to see who can kick the most constituents in the teeth.  I'd imagine there's a nice plaque for the biggest achiever.

Privileged white men like me should come through it just fine.  Sorry for the rest of you schmucks.



Cinematheque for All said...

Thanks for enlightening me and dampening my Easter at the same time, Nate. This is crap. This is scary -- because it's not going to end there, I fear. What the fuck, indeed.

McBone said...

Yessir, the whole country should be terrified by this.