Thursday, February 24, 2011

so, she said, this is what we've been missing

1961 - 2011
golden valleys all of us tumbling thru. a wayward grasp at
flying. such scenery we are we like to view.
go head on.
snap snap snap.
Walk away from the center of reality. i don't know where
that is at. forget what is said in the world of touch. anything
you want baby. marilyn monroe promised. ride flames
thrashing thighs. find a field where plantain & cucumber
grow. eat from the vulva's sphere. snapshots endure. smile
lucky. the world is a firecracker &
don't you forget it.
you safe.
all those kids missing on milk cartons. fall away from the
centerfold. small breasts alone on a beach.
this is imperative. all this time away from heaven.
all this.

akilah oliver

the she said dialogues: flesh memory


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