Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dear Mr. Presidents

Say, Hosni, what brand of hair dye is that?
Dear Mr. Mubarak,

You are seeing exactly the kind of uprising that should have happened in the United States when our nation's leadership marched us to war in Iraq under false pretenses.  Tens of millions of us would have liked to have organized and demonstrated like your compatriots are doing.  Only we didn't.  That's just not how we roll.

But the Egyptian people have spoken.  They are speaking now.  Do you hear them?  They are tired of your brutal, 30-year repression of human rights.  After three decades of torture, murder, imprisonment and exile, they've had enough.

Your time is up.

Kindly step down now, before they march on your palace and a bloodbath ensues.



Dear Mr. Obama,

The moment has come to either end the longstanding US policy of supporting ruthless dictators or stop using the term 'beacon' when it comes to the example we are setting as a democratic nation.

Your condemnation of violence is commendable, but please, stop speaking Politicianese and advise your friend that his time is up.

Ask him to kindly step down now and let the people decide who should lead them.




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