Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giving a Rat's Butt

Interesting stuff from the Plain Dealer this morning and from the mouth of Ohio's new chief executive:

"I don't pay attention to my critics."

That's governor John Kasich discussing why he doesn't see anything problematic about his cabinet appointments.  Out of 20 appointees thus far, 20 are white.  Sixteen of them are white males.  When asked to answer early criticisms from black and hispanic leaders in Ohio about the striking one dimensionality of his team, Kasich gave the above answer.

Sounds an awful lot like a certain president we recently endured.  Plow ahead and who cares what the world has to say about it?

John Kasich won the election fair and square.  He has the right to appoint whomever he likes, of course, and of course we should expect him to choose those best suited for the work.  And let's face it...the well of prominent minority Republicans in the Buckeye State may be running a bit low these days.  That said, Ohio is a diverse place.  John Kasich may not think in terms of race when populating his cabinet, but his selections send a message, loud and clear, that minority groups are not on his radar.  Your bed, John.

Anyway, this really is more about the attitude the guy is copping about 30 seconds into his tenure.  There is something to be said about resolve and fortitude and the like, but you will have critics, John.  They're called constituents, and you should pay attention to them.  White, black or what have you, Ohio does not want to be ignored.



Anonymous said...

He also gave his top aides $50,000raises after pledging to cut the budget. Now he's going after unions, teachers, blue collar workers. Why are voters in Ohio so dumb?


McBone said...

They blow with the winds, old buddy. I don't know why. They'll be sick of this guy in no time flat, believe me.