Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, Season 5!

At least 100 times a day I receive a nice compliment for the banner that adorns this very blog.  Those just passing through the McBoniverse like to congratulate me for its professional quality, its unique artistry and expert lettering.  Though I thrive on fawning attention, I don't hesitate to deflect that praise, preferring to give credit where credit is due.  Of course card-carrying McBoners know already that the Cleveland/Cat Power-themed header was fashioned by the one and only Kid Shay.

Well, friends, I've got good news for you.  After a summerlong hiatus from his cartooning duties,  McBone's partner blogger is back with the highly anticipated 5th season of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

All your favorite characters, Ernesto, Carver, Melissa, Pam, Ranger Dee and a host of others, will be there; join them for a daily romp through desert landscapes. We promise the journey will be edifying at the very least, and you just might laugh your ass off too.

And when you've got a second, check out some of the collections for sale.  Printed on recycled paper with soy based ink, these handsome chipboard volumes not only look great, they pass the rigorous environmental standards upheld at McBone.  Yes, friends, in an age when every decision has moral, spiritual and political consequences, Welcome to Falling Rock National Park comes to you virtually guilt free!

Serving suggestion

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park pairs wonderfully with Scotch.


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