Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, Book Four!

Gentle McBoners,

Today is a good day.  Why?  Because today I'm writing to tell you about the release of See America First, the fourth collection of my buddy Josh's comic--the official comic strip of McBone--Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

Many of you are already familiar with the veritable (desert) garden of delights that is WtFRNP.  For avid readers, Falling Rock is your first destination every morning, an oasis of hilarity before the unbearable, soul-destroying reality of the workday sets in.  Others prefer to wind down the day with a Beefeater martini and a few panels of Falling Rock--a wonderfully potent combo that will make you forget your cubicle, the boss, the fax machine and the fact that the same, suffocating cloak of darkness will fall again tomorrow.  And next week.  And for the rest of your life.

Other lucky bastards have yet to experience the adventures of a giant, happy-go-lucky lizard, an owl with delusions of world domination, a chain-smoking, retired school teacher javelina and a languid yet ferocious mountain lion with artistic sensibilities. 

Sound good?  It is!  Sound too good to be true?  It's not!  And now is the perfect time for you to become (re)acquainted with the park, either by reading the strip every single day, or by purchasing your very own copy of Book 4!  The best thing about the second option is that Book 4 is printed with soy based ink and on recycled chipboard.  That's right, Falling Rock is completely guilt free!  Buy a copy. Hell, buy 10.  Supplies are limited, so act fast.  Trust me, McBoners.  Would I lead you astray?

By the way, Josh is also a writer of the highest order, and you can follow the peregrinations of his mind in blog form right here!


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