Wednesday, April 28, 2010

agnès films; My Wife's Quest to Conquer the Universe Continues

Agnès Varda is a French filmmaker who has directed almost 50 films.  Heard of her?  Neither had I, and that's exactly the point of the recently launched agnès films, the latest web endeavor of my wife, who, aside from being in the middle of earning a PhD, filming her second documentary and keeping busy in the editorial offices of McBone, is making a lot of headway in her quest to conquer the universe.  She also eats healthy and does yoga every day.  

Created in conjunction with her partner, Caitlan, whose recipe for oven bacon has been a personal source of inspiration, agnès films is part of a master plan.  Did you know that less than ten percent of mainstream film directors are female?  It's true!  And I'll bet you weren't aware that women account for only two percent of cinematographers for large budget films.  Outraged by this overwhelming gender disparity, Alex has set out to level the playing field.  Not merely a tribute to one of the great and enduring (and largely unknown) cinematic figures of the last 50 years, agnès films is a place where female filmmakers can find a community of support.  Need technical advice for your latest short film project?  agnès films is here for you.  Having trouble writing that grant?  agnès films can help.  Looking to find a great woman-made documentary?  Look no further than agnès films.

Seriously though, agnès films isn't just about women in the movies.  It has been firmly established by right minded people that inequality based on gender, race, creed, religion and sexual orientation sucks, yet recent developments around the country remind us that we still have a ways to go.  Later this year I will be attempting to impregnate my wife for the first time. We hope that our children grow up in a world where their genders have no bearing on their opportunities.  Alex and Cait welcome all of you, male, female and transgender alike to visit and join agnès films.  If you happen to be a filmmaker, you'll find an ever growing wealth of practical information.  If not, agnès films is a great community for anyone with a dual interest in film and equality. 



Kid Shay said...

I like girls and I like movies. This idea sounds like a natural. Best of luck to Alex!

StevenLink said...

We flirted with the idea of an Agnes Varda series as part of Cinematheque for All -- Cleo from 5 to 7, Gleaners, Beaches of Agnes (her most recent). After watching trailers, we thought it best to watch them at home first. Very abstract, and I'm sure great. When's your first viewing of an Agnes film?

And good luck, Alex. agnes films sounds like a great endeavor!

McBone said...

There is good news and bad news.
Since your first child will be a boy, you won't have to worry about these issues. He will have every opportunity imaginable.

The bad news for Alex, is that you will be having a boy first.

But that means just a little bit more time for society to catch up before the girl comes along.

Hellooooooo Nate jr.


McBone said...

Kid Shay,

Alex thanks you.


I've only seen Cleo and the Vagabond. Both great. Neither of them were abstract, really. Just terrific movies.


Probably will be a girl. It is ordained.


Darin said...

I whole hearted support and am excited about agnes films! When Kathryn Bigelow won her Oscar, I commented to Nancy that there aren't enough female directors (that seems to be very slowly increasing - but not quick enough) but there are almost no female D.P.s. There have been a handful of female editors, but the technical side of film making has been unfortunately dominated by men. I hope agnes films can help expand the field!

Darin said...

I just watched my first Varda film. The SF Library has 2 copies of the Criterion Collection's 4 X Agnes Varda. I started with the first film, Le Pointe Courte, and will definitely watch all 4. This was a great film. I'm sure it'll be a part of my weekly reviews. Beautifully cuts between 2 distinct stoies - the story of a fishing town with a neorealist style and a love story with a style that Bergman owes a lot of credit (if not an admition of blatantly steeling the shots of overlapping faces for Persona).

Darin said...

This is very exciting... The Autuers just put together nearly all of Varda's films online. 22 of her films! I should be picking up the next 2 discs from the Criterion Collection at the library this week.

creative jenny said...

Nate, I missed this post. I am distracted I guess but I had such a good laugh. Your wife's quest to conquer the universe.... This phrase will stay with me for a while as it makes me smile. You know, I read you from within and I get a kick because, although we have not met, I am beginning to get to know you via the blog...oh well, by the time we meet, we may smile to each other with a sense of familiarity and just hug.
Thanks for writing Nate, your posts are very stimulating.

McBone said...


You should join the group! Alex would love it if you did.


Thank YOU, for reading.