Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Is REALLY Eating at Nate Bowler!?

This is a question pondered by many in the Mcbone community. Well, I have your answer. Jeff Bowler does not usually like to boast (well maybe he always does) but in this circumstance it seems unavoidable.

It has become very apparent that the two brothers' lone niece or nephew, Seda Moon Bowler Tunick has developed an immensely greater attachment to Jeff Bowler. She often can't distinguish who Nate Bowler is causing great anguish to the lesser uncle. Although Jeff does not condone these actions by Seda, he is very clear in stating that this is no coincidence. He is known worldwide as being an expert with children. They are very easily drawn to his kindness, gentle nature and paternal instincts.

Although Seda has already made it clear who her favorite uncle is, I would like to point out that Nate could one day gain the respect of his niece. Keep your head up and push through these hard times. Maybe Isla Sun, the new coming attraction in the Bowler-Tunick family, will balance the powers of the greatest uncle, but not likely.

You can rest easy knowing that when I have children there is no conceivable way that I will be their favorite uncle. Though you will be winning that battle by default, it will be a victory nonetheless.