Friday, March 9, 2007

Nate Bowler Endorses Al Gore in '08

With the Bush Administration already in its death throes and soon to be a stinking carcass, it can't possibly be too early to begin considering who the democratic nominee for president in 2008 will be. While the field is already crowded with heavyweights such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards, it is another big name, one that has not and may not enter the fray, that I am compelled to endorse.
Al Gore, the popular choice for president in 2000, has become such an outspoken advocate for the environment, that I join many citizens who hope that the former vice president will announce his candidacy.
I believe that the deteriorating state of our natural world is the most difficult and urgent challenge that humankind has ever faced. In the wake of George Bush's disastrous tenure-where the energy and logging industries hold sway-a different mold of leader will be needed, one who can transform the world's largest energy consumer into a pioneer of clean energy sources.
While other candidates shy away from an issue that is deemed too leftist (with apologies to the unelectable Dennis Kucinich), Al Gore, fresh off his Oscar win for best documentary, has only further immersed himself in his environmental cause.
George W. Bush's legacy (aside from a tenuous grasp of his native tongue) will be his colossal mistake in Iraq. He will be remembered as the anti-gay president (read: anti-civil rights), the anti-science president, the president who bungled a natural disaster. Most tragically, however, will be his legacy as a president who was, at best, indifferent to a looming environmental catastrophe.
I believe that if Al Gore had been occupying the White House instead of George W. Bush, we would be living in a cleaner and more peaceful world. I believe if he runs and is elected, he will work to make changes that must be made.
If you, too, hope that Al Gore makes a run in 2008, please click this link to sign a petition.
Al Gore in '08!
Nate Bowler
Nate Bowler's views do not necessarily represent those of Jeff Bowler, the NOML or the NIML.


josh said...

Personally, I am endorsing another candidate who has yet to make his bid official. That's right, Jimmy Carter, 39th President, needs to come out of retirement and take his second term - a term originally stolen from him by Reagan. Besides being an advocate for the environment and of civil rights worldwide, Jimmy Carter is the only (to my knowledge) president who also won a Nobel Peace Prize. My endorsement is for a Carter/Obama '08 ticket. Obama can then run in 2012. That's right: 12 years of progressive politics.

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

If we are handing out stolen presidential terms we better give 4 years to Gore as well.

Come to think of it Bush probably stole both elections so Kerry should get his shot also.

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

Knowing of Jimmy Carter's current crusade to cure river blindness in Africa, I have to agree that it was a worldwide tragedy that he was beaten by Reagan in '80, and that he would be inspiring candidate in '08.