Monday, March 19, 2007

Cavaliers Vs. Utah Jazz. March 17, 2007. Floor Seats!

There are many things I will remember about this day: drinking throughout the morning and afternoon with some of my closest friends in celebration of one of my favorite holidays; watching the debauchery take place on the streets of the bustling metropolis that Cleveland was on this fateful day, and, later that evening, attending the Cavaliers game with center-court floor seats.
As memorable as all those things were there was one thing that evening that will stay with me forever. It wasn't the heroics of #23, the greatest basketball player in the world. It won't be #32 handing Brian Gibb and I his headband b/c we had a few encouraging words for him. Nor will it be the image of #5 making his long awaited return to Cleveland in the midst of repeated "Boozer Sucks" chants throughout the game.
Forever imprinted in my mind from this glorious day will be the actions of #29. No, he wasn't playing in the game, and in fact I very highly doubt he has ever stepped foot on a basketball court to actually play. It was this slick haired pipsqueak of a man wearing the black and white stripes. Yes that's right. Steve Javie. An NBA referee.
Mr. Javie made a questionable call at one point early on in this ballgame. I decided to take it up with him personally. No profane language was used and I made no movement towards him or onto the court. But apparently Javie is not very receptive to feedback from the fans. He immediately ran to fetch security like a little kid running from the playground bully. Steve Javie attempted to have me, the #1 Cavaliers fan in the world (as stated by my license plates), removed from the arena. Although we were confronted by men with ear pieces and strapped with walkie talkies, saner minds prevailed and I was allowed to stay.

A message to Steve who is notorious for trying to remove fans from NBA games:
I would like to remind you Steve Javie that you are a referee, the lowest of the of low. Nobody likes you. You are at the bottom of the food chain. You are worse than the scum located in the grease traps underneath our stove. How you arrived at the conclusion in your mind that the fans are inferior to you, I will never truly understand. You better hope that you never see me outside of your safe zone, in an arena full of security guards, b/c I do not tolerate cowards. I take this as a personal attack on me, my character and the Cleveland Cavaliers organization, therefore putting you in the top five of my all-time most hated people list.
Thank you for your time in allowing me to vent my frustrations.
These opinions are backed 100% by both the NOML and NIML. Go Cavs!

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