Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't Be President, Mitt

I'm weighing in on this "bitter politics of envy" thing late, but in light of MLK Day, when equality should be foremost on our minds, it seems appropriate to comment on a guy who has more than just about anyone.

Mind I have nothing against being rich.  Nothing.  Might not mind having a load of green myself one day. What I cannot abide, though, is the likes of Mitt Romney, a rich dude who presumes to have what it takes to lead a nation of 300 million, telling me that, because I see a problem when the tiniest fraction of a sliver of a micropercentage of a population controls 25% of a nation's wealth, I'm engaging in the politics of envy.  Asshole!

Trust me, Mitt, I don't envy you.  I don't envy your creepy good looks.  I don't envy your business acumen or your Harvard degree or your triumphs at Bain Capital.  And I'm certainly not jealous of your gobs of cash, or I would never have set my sights on an English degree from Ohio U.  Perhaps I assume too much, but I think it's true that most regular folks don't waste much time on envy.  Instead of entertaining delusions of fabulous wealth (aside from a weekly lotto ticket, perhaps), I think most people are figuring out how to pay the bills from month to month.  That gets harder to do as real wages shrink and people like you get richer.  Can you blame average working Americans for getting a little bent out of shape when they pay, by your own admission, a much higher tax rate than you do?  Doesn't it bother you that, when your money is earning you money, there are plenty of working people have to apply for food stamps?

Equality--I know you don't care.  Just please don't mistake our laments for envy.  Doing so only shows how out of touch you are with basically everyone, and underscores how utterly unqualified you are to be president of this country.

Or to put it less eloquently than Dr. King would: Go fuck yourself.



punkinsmom said...

He is the mayonnaise of Republican candidates.

Darin said...

Have you seen the new Colbert Super Pac ad: Romney is a serial killer!

Kid Shay said...

Punkins, so he's the mayonnaise of mayonnaise?