Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexandra Hidalgo: Filmmaker

Breasts.  What can I say about them?  As an almost completely* heterosexual male, I like them.  I like them a lot.  And if they're large, I'm not going to complain.

Except when it comes to the fake variety.

I've always had a problem with breast implants.  I guess I just find it slightly problematic that fake breasts require a woman to cut open her body and insert permanent, goo-filled bags into her chest.  Call me old fashioned, but to me there's something inherently wrong with that.  And it makes me wonder: what has driven us to this point?  As men, are we so petty and pathetic that we measure a woman's worth by cup size?  Are women finding it more and more necessary to have a top-notch set of knockers to get ahead in the world?  Has our society become so decadent that, while women are shelling out thousands of dollars on gratuitous surgeries, politicians are squabbling over whether a wide swath of the population is entitled to basic health care?  And then there's the question that's been on everyone's mind lately: what the hell is up with the per-capita plastic surgery capital of the universe**, Venezuela?

My wife, the future preeminent filmmaker, Alexandra Hidalgo, addresses these questions in her first documentary, Perfect; A Conversation with the Venezuelan Middle Class About Female Beauty and Breast Implants, premiering October 2nd at 8 PM in Krannert Auditorium at Purdue University.  You can watch the trailer right here!

I've always suspected that my wife was awesome, but I admit to being a little startled at the high quality of this work considering this is her first foray into film.  Perhaps her most deft touch is the way she removes herself from the "conversation." We know that she's asked the questions, but she lets her subjects do all the talking.  What they say is profound and provocative, and never once does the filmmaker come off as judgmental.  She merely wants to understand the phenomenon of breast implants in her home country.  Who better to explain it than the women and men who live there?  Some of them have gone under the knife, some haven't, but all of them have something fascinating to say about beauty and the lengths women are willing to go to attain it.

Interested in watching the full-length film?  You have three options!

1) Come to the premiere!

2) Offer up rum to the silicon gods***

3) Contact Alex.


*97.2% hetero
**McBone certified
***Results may vary


thewheelsstillinspin said...

That looks like an intriguing and insightful film. Way to go, Alex.

And Nate, I'd like to comment on our 97.2%. I seem recall a guy hitting on you in a bathroom in NYC once by bragging that he had been with one of Whitman's lovers. And you 97.2% pervaded when you turned that man down. That still goes down as one of the most unusual pickup lines I've ever heard about.

Kid Shay said...

A terrific and insightful movie, as Adrianne and I can attest.

97.2 eh? Kinsey would be proud.

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...


Funny, was just telling Alex that story last week. That was great. He must have picked up on that other 2.8% and the fact that I was an English major.

Glad you liked it, Falling Rock.