Monday, June 22, 2009

The Wheel's Still in Spin

Back in 'the day,' my friend Darin and I went to about a hundred Bob Dylan concerts together. Ok, maybe it was more like four, but during the years we were fellow Bobcats at Ohio University, we made it a point to see Bob every time he was in the general vicinity. These were the late 90s, when the likes of Matchbox 20 ruled the airways and I was vomiting at nearly every turn. Luckily, I had a trusty pal who could put up with my snobbery. Together we had the good fortune to see the single greatest concert of all time, when Bob visited Columbus, Ohio in 1997.

Eventually, Darin went his way and I went mine. While his fate was ever a mystery to me, rumors and twists abounded. Whispers spread that he was, among other things, a lonesome hobo, a renegade priest, a cat-loving diplomat. He even worked as a cook for a spell. Somewhere along the line Darin picked up a sidekick named Tweeter, although things didn't turn out so well for him. Or was it her? I can't remember.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that Darin has resurfaced, and he has an amazing webpage called The Wheel's Still in Spin. If you like music that doesn't suck, explore this site; tap Darin's expertise by clicking on the handy link. Good stuff is out there. Darin is kind enough to do the work for us, so check it out.



Darin said...

Thanks for the whole post dedicated to my site!

I think the awe-inspiring, soul-moving show was in 1996:

That show made believers out of non-believers, reaffirmed the followers, and generally blew everyone away.

Of the 5 best concerts I have ever been to, Bob holds 2 of the spots. That Columbus show. And a show in Denver when the Fillmore opened there in 1999, the day before the tour with Paul Simon began.

Darin said...

"...among other things, a lonesome hobo, a renegade priest, a cat-loving diplomat. He even worked as a cook for a spell."

No, that's how I got tuberculosis.

You wanted to know what was I doing all those years?

Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

By god, I think you're right about 1996. That is an awesome set list by the way.

The show in Dayton was also damned good. Also the show in Cleveland when he taught that young pup Kenny Wayne Shepherd how to rock.