Monday, October 13, 2008

Three Giant Bottles of Booze

This weekend my parents came to town, and not empty-handed. For my 33rd birthday I was gifted an extraordinary amount of the good stuff. I'm talking hard liquor here. Booze. Whisky, gin and vodka. I'm in business now, so, from here on out it's gonna be martinis, Manhattans, old-fashioneds and Bloody Marys all the way. I may even take a few snorts straight up. Hell, that's what puts hair on your chest, right?

When supplies run out in a couple of days and I'm found newly tattooed and filthy in some ditch just south of the Mexican border, I'll say, thanks Mom and Dad, thanks for getting me all @#*!-ed up.



Kid Shay said...

Happy birthday, my friend.
Just remember: don't drink and vote.

Anonymous said...

Hey, happy belated, Nate!

Looks like a good party had by all...hopefully, you celebrated too after the Browns' impressive win over the Giants.

Wish the Pats could've done that, but it looks like they are not gonna be making any impressive wins for quite some time.