Friday, May 18, 2007

Mikki Moore Must Die!

Is anyone else here sick of Mikki Moore? Are you as tired as I am of seeing him pop uncontested 18-foot jumpers and throwing down dunks when a Jason Kidd or Vince Carter pass finds him utterly alone in the paint? Drew Gooden, Mikki Moore is your man! How can it be that this journeyman, playing for his seventh team in nine seasons, a career 5.5 point scorer, is picking you apart? In games one and two, you utterly destroyed him. He may have thrown in a few shots, but what you did to him on the boards was nothing less than humiliating. What the hell has happened since then? Sure, he has a couple of inches on you, but your extra 20 pounds of muscle and your superior athleticism should be making short work of this walking popsicle stick. Instead, he has neutralized your rebounding (just over 7 per game over the last three compared to a hearty 14 in games one and two) and taken you completely out of your offensive rhythm. Meanwhile, he is shooting an outrageous 62% from the floor, compared to your measley 39%.

Drew! We Cavs fans forgive your occasional sleepwalking sessions during the regular season, but this is not acceptable in the playoffs. Snap out of it, and show us the monster who can take over a game on both ends of the court--you know, the power forward we saw against Washington. Give LeBron and Z a hand on offense, and please, for god's sake, spare us seeing Mikki Moore's stupid grin as he throws down another two handed slam. Tonight you can send Moore and his fans home unhappy. Let's polish off the Nets so the real playoffs can begin.

Are you listening Anderson Varejao? I'm talking to you too.

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