Sunday, March 31, 2013

McBonebeat Poll: OHIO Sweatshirt: Good or Ghastly?

My sometimes-unreasonable wife and I don't have a long history of fighting, but in the 14 years we've been together, I would estimate that 90% of our disagreements have revolved around the pictured Ohio University sweatshirt.  She was there when I bought it, and she did everything in her power to dissuade me from purchasing a garment she found aesthetically and rhetorically deficient.  Aesthetically because of its color scheme and oversized block lettering.  Rhetorically because the word OHIO, in her reckoning, did not adequately signify Ohio University to the casual onlooker.

I have long objected.  In my estimation, this pullover is THE Ohio University sweatshirt.  Green and white happen to be Ohio University's colors (I'll never understand why she chose a gray hoodie with blue lettering), and the lone, proud OHIO emblazoned across my athletic torso is a more than satisfactory identifier.  If the symbolism is lost on the uninitiated, I can't worry about it, and I'm sure as hell not going to spell it out for them.  I'm too busy being cool.  And as for Ohio State?  Listen, Ohio U was founded in 1804, OSU in 1870.  If any student body can lay claim to OHIO as an identifier, it's ours, so you Buckeyes get to muck your sweatshirts up with all the extra words.  We Bobcats don't have to.

Well into our second decade of matrimony, we still have not settled the debate.  So we turn to you, gentle McBoners, and ask that you weigh in, in poll form, on whether my OU sweatshirt is a good sweatshirt, or, in the words of my sometimes-hyperbolic wife, a ghastly one.

Thank you,



Kathy, purveyor of wisdom said...

Honestly Nate, should know by now....your sometimes perfect wife, (mother of your totally perfect child) is always right. Unless the appropriate educational institution is attached to the logo, the uninitiated, who have a plethora of opinions think only of the state of Ohio ---- a total political disaster. So, get with the program ---flaunt the good of your native state ----the sports will never will up to your expectations, -----while the academics just might...

aforementioned wench said...

P.S. William is the only member of your family who is allowed to be cool now.

Paola Raska, a mom said...

I'm sorry for the misplaced FB lingo here, but I just REALLY have to "like" that second comment!!!! : )

McBone said...

What's this? A 16-month-old? Cooler than me? I think I'm offended by you both. least we got the president right this time.