Saturday, March 9, 2013

Crib Notes, Volume 3

This is going to be short and sweet, I just have a random thought I need to put in writing....

WHY ARE WOMEN SO CONVINCING?  I am probably one of the more stubborn people you are going to meet.  I typically live life by my own rules, do things my own way.  You can ask my parents and they'll tell you I've pretty much been that way since I was upright. I'm nostalgic, somewhat traditional in that I very much value the traditions my family had growing up. Not a big fan of change when it comes to those things. More on this in a future post.  If my mind is set on something it is very hard to convince me otherwise.  I got cut from my 8th grade basketball team, but that just made me want to play basketbal even more.  My parents would tell me all the time not to do things, and I would do them regardless, (Which many times ultimately led to disaster).  In my present life I am very confident and steadfast in my business philosophies and my approach.  It can be difficult to convince me to stray from an idea or concept that I feel strongly about.  In my social life I don't really succumb to peer pressure, in part because I am often the one leading the charge, but it takes a lot to convince me to do something I didn't already want to do on my own.

All of that being said, and I'm discovering this more and more as my life progresses, women can literally convince me to do just about anything.  A man could come up to me and say, "Hey Jeff you have to try this product," and typically I'll just say ok and never actually do it.  Five seconds later a woman will come up and tell me the same thing, and I'm probably going to the store 10 minutes later.  I've obviously experienced this personally but I would venture to say this is pretty much par for the course in the typical life of a man.  Certainly there are exceptions, and that example may be a slight exaggeration, but my point is that women at least in my experience have about 100 times more convincing power over me than men.

Now lets state the obvious and get part of this out of the way.  In some instances the answer to this question can certainly be traced to some type of sexual instinct. Especially if it is someone you are sleeping with or attempting to sleep with. Women are amazingly beautiful, loving, nurturing,  tempestuous, caring people,  and provide a gift so amazing to this world that can probably never be fully appreciated enough by men.  Being able to give life to another human being is a truly incredible thing.  So let's all agree that some of the convincing power can probably be attributed to all those factors.  However, I want to take that part of it completely out of the equation. Even women I have absolutely no desire to sleep with, could be a stranger, friend, or a colleague, and they are still twice as likely to convince me to do something, or to change my mind about a thought I already have.

I can't explain it....I can try, as I have some thoughts, but I think I will get myself confused if I even attempt it.  For me it is probably a saving grace so I don't completely lose myself in my own overconfidence, stubborness, etc...But it still baffles my mind sometimes when I find myself doing things I had absolutely no intention of doing, simply because it was a woman that told me to.  Life is so funny some times. 

Ok maybe not so short.  Could write on this for a day. 


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