Friday, February 17, 2012

No Choice Here

I heard on the radio yesterday morning that GM just turned the biggest profit in the company's history--$7.6 billion.  I'm no fan of Chevy or Buick, but GM is still a big employer and I know how critical well-paid union jobs are.  Have you seen what Walmart is offering these days?

Also, last month's employment numbers were better than projected--243,000 jobs added in January.  To think that we were losing over 700,000 jobs a month when the black guy with the scary name took office.  I have to believe that even Obama's most vitriolic and unhinged of critics would say that the economy is doing a sight better than it was in 2008.  Or do his detractors hear the good news and just shudder at the very idea of four more years?

Is he perfect?  Hell no.  But take a look at then and take a look at now and ask if our president deserves to be replaced by, of all things:

-A megalomaniacal adulterous hack politician with delusions of grandeur who was run out of Congress on a rail in the 90s.

-A guy so in touch with voters that he calls $375,000 in speaking fees in one year "not very much."

-An uber-religious, bigoted Bush devotee.

-A free markets fanatic who thinks your church is going to foot your hospital bill.

Are you out of your minds?

Obama 2012.



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