Thursday, August 11, 2011

Truckin' in Indiana, Vol. 3

En route home from work, this Dodge pickup pulled in front of me with an assertive, borderline hostile maneuver.  Enraged at first, my anger quickly turned to delight as I scrambled for my phone.

Can you tell why I was so eager to snap a photo?

See them?  No?  Well then take a closer look at the big, silver set of testicles dangling from the tailgate!

These rear-bumper nuts are the last word in good taste and sophistication, hearkening to other classy trucks I've seen.  I wish now I had pulled up next to him; I know what this guy was packing in his glove box!


1 comment:

Kid Shay said...

This may be your ticket to blogger superstardom. Truckin' is truly the gold vein.