Friday, August 26, 2011


The Indians are not going to catch the Tigers.  They showed that last week by entering a critical three-game set with their division rivals and getting very neatly swept.  One week later and 6 games back in the standings, a hero of yore was summoned to save the day.

Part of me, the sentimental guy still clinging to notions of loyalty and pride, wants to like this.  Thome's Hall of Fame statue will surely wear an Indians cap.  He owns many club records, most importantly the all-time mark for home runs.  Barring a roid scandal, his place is more or less cemented in the annals of Indian lore.  After all, why not a homecoming for an icon in his twilight?

But something here stinks, because I can't forget a dude turning down the equivalent of Eritrea's GDP to make a few more bucks in Philly.  

Maybe I should just turn off my cynical side and enjoy the tidiness of a reconciliation, but like I said, there's no catching Detroit.  Instead of a pennant race, I see a reputation getting polished and a few more seats filled with asses.

How's it working so far?  The 'Welcome T/home' signs were waving tonight.  Between the DH and dollar dogs, the park was sold out.

Well played, sirs.



Slider K. Shaftacular said...

I have to admit that it really got under my skin when Cleveland fans viciously booed Thome as a White Sox. Frank Thomas was a mega-douche but we still cheered for him when he came back with other teams.

Now what we Chicagoans have done to Jay Cutler (another mega-douche) is a different story.

McBone said...

I never thought of Thome as a douche; I just think he let his agent talk him into something. Did he deserve the booing? Sure, but by the time he was a White Sox, it did feel kind of cheap.