Thursday, November 11, 2010

McBone Stuff

Every now and then somebody will accuse me and this left-leaning blog of being anti-capitalist.  Not so!  I recognize as well as anyone that we, as Americans, live in a consumer driven economy.  The fact is that on any given day you may very well catch me in the act of buying things.  That's just me doing my patriotic duty, folks. I take it seriously, and so should you!

Well, thanks to the miracle of CafePress and the artistic talents of Kid Shay, it's easier than ever to meet our responsibilities.  Behold the first ever item of McBone merchandise: The McBone Bier Stein.*  Featuring the Cleveland skyline and the towering form of singer/songwriter Cat Power, this finely crafted vessel is a handsome addition to any desk or mantelpiece.  To maximize its true potential, however, fill your Stein not with pens and pencils or loose change but with 22 ounces of your favorite ale, lager, porter or stout.  We promise the last sip will be as delicious as the first in the McBone Bier Stein.  That's right, ladies and gentlemen; McBone makes beer taste better!

Normally retailing at $799.99, the McBone Bier Stein, fashioned from certified authentic white rhino horn, can be yours for the crazy-ass low price of $20 dollars (plus shipping and handling).

Act now!  By purchasing the McBone Bier Stein you will not only be giving the economy a little boost and benefiting our resident cartoonist, you'll be saying 'I care' to endangered species.  For every 500 Steins sold, CafePress will pledge one dollar toward efforts to save the white rhino.


*Made in China

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