Thursday, October 14, 2010

They Don't Deserve It

In the midterm elections of 2006 and again in 2008, America fired the Republican party.  There was a reason for that: Republicans had spent damned near a decade laying waste to everything.  Subsequently, the Democrats earned round and sweeping victories in the most unlikely of places.  The Republicans had fucked up so royally that even that infamous move of hypocritical genius/lunacy--vetting Palin--proved utterly futile.  Americans were energized, open minded and too smart to fall for it.

How can it be then, a mere two years into this thing, when the minority party has instituted a knee jerk policy of opposing the president at every turn, when that same party was dead and buried under 8 years of incompetence, belligerence and cynicism, that the Repubs are back in the game?  McBone understands why you may be frustrated with the Democrats.  Honestly, I'm not crazy about them either.  But if you think the solution to the nation's problems is putting the elephants back in power, please take a moment to revisit the gallery of horrors that was 2000-2008.  Trust me, the GOP is counting on the average American voter to be so deficient in memory and so devoid of nuanced thought that they will bank on the tried and true platitudes, fueled by some timely Tea Party mouth foaming, to get them back in power:

Taxes = bad!  Incidentally, Obama and the Democrats are responsible for some of the largest tax cuts in the history of the country, but never mind that for a moment.  Consider instead that the United States is an expensive country to operate and maintain.  This ain't the US of the 1770s, when there were roughly as many citizens as live today in the greater Cleveland area.  We like to consider ourselves the biggest and the best, and yet, and yet, we have neither the world's best interstate highway system, nor the best public education, nor the longest life expectancy, nor the best literacy rate, nor the best health care.  You wanna be the best?  You'd better be willing to pony up for the general good.  

Big government = bad!  In spite of their rhetoric, Republicans will NEVER shrink the size of the federal government, because doing so would be their ruination.  Sorry, but it's true.

Please do not buy into the bullshit.  Do not follow the ones demanding to see Obama's birth certificate or those who slip the word socialism into every political conversation.  Turn away from any who would rather dissolve the Dept of Education than slice into defense spending.  Turn a deaf ear to those who claim gays and Mexicans are a threat to our way of life.  Ignore anyone who still believes death panels are a legitimate component of the health care bill.

And for mercy's sake, if you see a misspelled mess like this, run, run, run away!

Unless you feel they have earned your support, vote liberal this November.


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