Thursday, November 26, 2009

On This Thanksgiving

Here's a picture of me with a Swensons cheesburger with everything (pickles, mustard and onions), which is just moments away from becoming intimately acquainted with my digestive juices.  Also, notice that I'm wearning a Cleveland Browns winter hat (ca. 1985), signifying my loyalty to the Cleveland Browns football team.

McBone will be settling for turkey and gravy today.  Tomorrow, we take our act to another legendary Akron burger joint: Whitey's.  Stay tuned.



Anonymous said...

Whitey's too?! I hate you! Make sure you get the mushroom burger. Its as big as the plate with about 2 lbs of shrooms.


Anonymous said...

That is not fair to tease a pregnant woman like that! SO much for Shaquille.

Darin said...

My mom lives blocks away from the Swenson's by Chapel Hill Mall. It's been a while since I've been back there, but it's always worth the visit.

Whitey's! That place was my favorite burger joint in high school. Enjoy!

Darin said...

But the place I used to frequent the most in high school was Hamburger Station - for the food AND the fine dining atmosphere. The dimly lit place with no heat or A/C and saddle seats screams "family dining."