Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cavs Acquire Mo Williams!

All right, I know. I've been making some wild predictions lately about how my teams will perform, and almost all of them have proved absolutely and utterly wrong. Most of you McBoners probably remember how I looked into the crystal ball last summer and saw the Browns winning 4 games. You'll also recall how foolish they proved me by winning 10. The Cavs disappointed me by winning 45 games during a fitful season in which I had them notching 55 and making the NBA Finals for a second consecutive year. Then there's the Indians. Everyone knows I chose them to win the World Series, even though I myself have long proclaimed they will never win a title while the abominable Chief Wahoo adorns their uniforms. World Series rings all around? Try 70 wins, a mid-summer salary dump and a good, long look at the hapless Andy Marte.

So, when I'm wrong, I'm really wrong. You'd think common sense would tell me to sober up and shut my mouth, right? Not gonna happen. The Cavaliers won't begin their new campaign until November, and until yesterday it would have been generous to call their summer uneventful. A signing here, an ongoing negotiation there, but nothing much to get the juices flowing. All that changed yesterday when I got a call from my brother. There I was, at the Indiana State Fair, watching the celebrity log sawing contest (Miss Indiana herself was a participant) when my phone started to vibrate. Here's a snippet:

Jeff: What are you doing?

Me: Watching Miss Indiana saw a log. This better be good.

Jeff: So, you haven't heard?

Me: Heard what?

Jeff: The Cavs just acquired Maurice Williams for Damon Jones and Joe Smith!

I could have kissed Miss Indiana right then and there. Not only had my Cavaliers acquired a standout point guard to run with LeBron James, the type of high octane, scoring guard they've needed for 5 seasons, but we got him for the equivalent of a sack of beans. Actually, I should say we got him for Joe Smith and a sack of beans, because Smith is a hell of a player.

Now, I spent a lot of time hating Mo Williams the last few years because he absolutely torched the Cavs every time he played them. Does this deal get the McBone Seal of Approval? Hell yes: McB. Williams' lights-out shooting and his nightly line of 17-7-3 will finally kick start an offense that has long needed another big-time ballhandler and scoring threat to take some pressure off of LBJ. I absolutely LOVE Mo Williams.

So, here we go, McBoners. Even though I don't think the Cavs' summer is quite over, I do believe the following to be true: The Cavaliers will win 60 games and crush their playoff foes en route to their first NBA Championship. Just remember where you heard it first. Now, let's get these damned Olympics over with and let the season begin!

Go Cavs!


PS: kb, you and your Sox are welcome to Paul Byrd. Hell of a likable pitcher.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pickup! Williams just might put you over the top. I'm looking forward to the Celts/Cavs matchup. The East is becoming a force again.

Speaking of forces, there's a new sheriff in the blogosphere. Better check her out.

gearing up for Celts/Cavs battle next season. If only we could keep PP out of trouble.


Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

Can't wait for a rematch. This time, y'alls goin' down!

artandlemons has McBone's full endorsement.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Byrd is the disciple of Eddie Harris from Major League. We're gonna need him to develop the Gaylord Perry "Vaseline" pitch.