Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Down, 48 to Go

This is a bit tardy, but...

Today McBone salutes the state of California. On May 15 the state's Supreme Court overturned a ban on same-sex marriage, correctly ruling that such a ban is unconstitutional.

Many people like to trivialize this issue, but we at McBone prefer to look at same-sex marriage as a matter of civil rights. At the root of this struggle are all the efforts ever made to make this country a place where each person is afforded their unalienable rights in equal measure. To deny two people their happiness based on sexual orientation is to spit on the legacy of every champion of civil rights who ever lived. What California has done represents another hurdle cleared in an ongoing fight to bring equality those living within the borders of the United States.

It is with great pride that I give California's Supreme Court ruling the McBone Seal of Approval: McB. I am ashamed that my home state of Ohio has failed to live up to what Massachusetts started in 2004.

Down with bigotry!



Anonymous said...

that is why I moved here....you should too


Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

We're choosing the next best thing--Indiana!