Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Welcome to the World, Luke Joseph Gardner!

On May 21st the newest McBoner, Luke Joseph Gardner, successfully escaped the warm, gooey confines of his mother's womb. Luke was born last Wednesday to longtime friends Nikki Widner and Dave Gardner. McBone, the NOML the NIML and the AMA are united in issuing a warm and hearty McBoneulations to Nikki and Dave and all those who comprise the respective Gardner and Widner clans.

Official baby statistics (McBone certified):

Weight: 8 lb. 2 oz.
Length: 21.5 in.
Time of birth: 9:05 AM

We fully expect Luke to enjoy a loving and mayonnaise-free upbringing.

The name Luke receives the official and highly coveted McBone Seal of Approval: McB (see left if you can't figure out why). It is understood that Luke Joseph was chosen from a final list of candidates that included: Gandalf Gardner, Anton Chigurh Gardner, LeBron James Gardner, and second place finisher, McBone Gardner.

I am informed by Dave that Luke means "bearer of light" in Hebrew, English, Italian, Spanish and Elvish.

Long, happy life to you, Luke.

We toast you tonight, light bearer, and look forward to the day we meet. May it be soon.


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Good for people to know.