Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Series Tied 2-2!

I don't really believe that one play can change a series.

Or do I?

The dunk speaks for itself, but I feel compelled to put into words the move that just may have changed the momentum of the round two matchup between the Cavs and the Celtics. I was lucky to have witnessed the play in person. Thank you Lauren, for yet another ticket to yet another amazing game.

The Cavs were locked in a game-long nailbiter until, thanks to the three point shooting of LeBron and Daniel Gibson, they pulled away in the fourth quarter, en route to what amounted to a rout.

Then, with just over a minute left in the fourth quarter, LeBron had the ball, shaded just left of the key. Paul Pierce formed the outer defense. James Posey was his backup. In the block, Kevin Garnett waited.

The tandem of Pierce, Posey and Garnett has been doing an admirable job defending LeBron all series, forcing LBJ to take long jumpers and rarely allowing him into the lane. This time, LeBron exploded around a Joe Smith pick and left Pierce a mile behind. There are few guards who can accelerate quicker than the 6'8", 250 lb. James, which hardly seems fair. Posey was next in line. The slightest head fake later and he, too, was out of the play. Kevin Garnett, defending the hoop, tried to foul. He did, but LeBron was already airborne when they met, and the ball was thrown down with such thunderous force that even the referees were rendered impotent. No foul was called. No one cared, least of all the 20,000 plus who knew that the Cavs would be playing at least one more game at the Q in '08.

Now see it for yourself, the perfect combination of speed, agility and strength.

Say what you want about Kobe, Paul or KG. The MVP of the league wears number 23.




Anonymous said...

Great dunk. No question.

But, sorry, Nate.

I can't give the regular season MVP to guy who's playing on a 45 win team that as a team underachieved the entire year (7-9 in their division & gave up an average of 96.7 points compared to 96.4 made). They should've been the #2 (or maybe even #1) in the Eastern Conference this year.

I guess we'll find out tonight if the dunk was really a momentum changer or if it's was just a trash time dunk.


Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains said...

Yes, but consider:

The Cavs were 0-7 without LeBron. He kept the team afloat in spite of the holdouts of Pavlovic and Varejao. He saw the team through the injuries of the following rotation players, all of whom missed significant time: Ilgauskas, Wallace, Marshall, Pavlovic, Varejao, Gibson. He kept his team steady through a massive trade. He was the third player EVER to average 30-7-7, the others being Jordan and Robertson.

I can see the arguments for the other 3 guys who finished ahead of him. LeBron is the MVP of this very biased fan.

Who's yours?

And when's that baby coming?


Anonymous said...


We're officially a week away from due date here. So the countdown is on. N is pushing for an early delivery while I'm hoping we go the week so I can finish up organizing the house. Meanwhile, the parents are in a crazed frenzy. Kinda like Lebron's mom: ready for the call to do anything.

For MVP, I gotta give it to Chris Paul...

That Hornets team would be no where without him. The entire offense is completely dependent on him finding the open man or hitting the key shot.

Watching him attack & slash defenses & yet still find the open man in the lane is just breathtaking...he's like a hybrid of a young Tiny Archibald and a late 80's Isiah Thomas (not the coaching/general manager one).

I still can't get that play out of my head in the Dallas playoff series where he penetrated the left side lane, caused a double-teamed, pulled out & then fed an alley oop (actually, he kind of threw a hook shot toward the basket) to wide open Tyson Chandler who dunked it home. I mean the presence of mind & the confidence knowing that his teammates will finish off the play is one of beauty.

Someday, I hope Rondo has that confidence (he showed sparks of it last night), but it's gonna take some time. A couple years, maybe.

Will keep you posted.