Friday, February 22, 2008

God as We Understand Him

Once, many moons ago, when we were but wee lads and classmates at King Elementary School, Josh Gippin's mom took us to see Police Academy 4 at the drive-in theater. I suppose that night must have made quite an impression on Josh, who is now a filmmaker in his own right. Check out the trailer for his latest documentary, God as We Understand Him, a study of Alcoholics Anonymous--the worldwide twelve-step program started right here in our hometown of Akron. Watch closely; I think you'll see the subtle influence of P.A. 4 in this short piece:

While you're at it, click on to learn more about Josh and his endeavors in documentary film.

Also, Josh's wife and creative collaborator, Shane Wynn (yet another former classmate), is a talented photographer. Please take a moment to peruse her work at Shane Wynn Studio.



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