Monday, February 11, 2013

Sleepless Nights - 1st Edition

I sit in bed quite often and think about...well quite frankly....I think about a lot of different things. Where I'm going, where I've been, sometimes just reflection on the day.  It is a relaxing and almost meditative subsitute for sleep, since I find that to be highly overrated.  And with my current leg injury, almost impossible to sustain longer than 30 minutes at a time anyway....

So as I am laying there I usually come up with a few things that I want to write about, and then I often forget the next morning as I prepare my mind for other priorities at hand.  So I think I'll start writing them immediately once in a while. Need to come up with a catchy name for them...Crib notes?

Tonight's thoughts:

I, for the life of me, will never understand three fundamental flaws I see happening so often....

1.) Why people choose to be negative when they could just as easily make the choice to be positive.  Bad things happen to all of us. We all have days that seem like they are going to finally break us down. I am well aware that life can be unbelievably tough sometimes.  But I can tell you this with absolutely no uncertainty whatsoever; negativity is a lethal disease that can cause irreparable damage to you and those around you.

2.) Why so many chose to hate one another instead of helping one another. Love is the driving force of human nature, why do we fight it?  LOVE EACH OTHER.

3.) Why so many people choose to let life and opportunities pass them by instead of letting life and opportunities be the driving force for every decision that they make.  My dad would have thrown me out of the gym himself if I would have ever tanked on a basketball court, and so maybe on some level that has just carried over into every other part of my life. I just don't understand how so many people can be so scared of life that they forget to live it...