Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crib Notes - 2nd Edition

Did you know that Cleveland was awesome? I'm guessing the answer is probably one of the following:

1.) Yes because I live here and I can't believe what is happening..THE RENAISSANCE HAS ARRIVED!

But more likely...

2.) No, can you believe the weather?
3.) No, didn't your river catch on fire, like 30 years ago?
4.) "No".  Why not?  "Well never been, but I read that it snows there, your sports teams haven't won a championship in a long time and I heard someone call it the mistake by the lake once."

Either way, I don't really care.  Come live with me for one week, just seven short days, and the world that you previously lived in will be changed forever.

However, spending one week with me in Cleveland may cause the following side affects:

1.) Going home with one of these:

2.) Having the most fun you've had since you were in college
3.) Enjoying some of the finest dining the culinary world has to offer
4.) Meeting incredibly beautiful, bright, talented, and authentic people that will make you smile every day with their passion and energy
5.) Extreme regret - for any negative, uninformed or uneducated comments you had made previously about this city
6.) An increase of one or two points on the toughness scale. 
7.) Calling your boss to ask for the following Monday off so you can look for places to live in Tremont for your now pending move to Cleveland
8.) Memories like these:

*crib notes are the unadulterated, unfiltered and often times confusing thoughts of Jeffrey Bowler made at the hours of the night when the thirst for writing has become stronger than the need for sleep.


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