Thursday, March 15, 2012


The beauty of this blog is that we don't care.  We don't care if one other human being on the planet reads a single word.  This is a place for us to go write what we feel like saying.  Put down in words what we are feeling about any topic imaginable.  Sometimes it is mayonnaise.  Sometimes it is politics.  For me sometimes it is just about life.  Sometimes our thoughts make sense, sometimes you wonder what the hell we're talking about.  This post may lean towards the latter. 

I got smacked in the mouth today with another reminder of why I live the way I do.  Why when I wake up in the morning I make the decision to be the way I am, and to leave it all on the table every single day.  You think tomorrow is going to look like today?  NO CHANCE.  You have no idea.  How can we all not live everyday to create memories, and how can we not be driven by the memories we've already made?  I've got Aram tattooed on my arm.  I've got Cleveland tattooed on my rib cage.  I don't make decisions based on what other people think is right, I make decisions based on having nothing left to give on the day I take my last breath.

Nate, Krystl - how do we not see each other more?  I mean, seriously...What the hell.  Just make sure your beautiful children get a chance to spend as much time as possible with mom and dad.  What would you do just to get a couple more days with gram and grampa?

My family and my friends formed who I am. You guys are the reason I'm motivated to destroy everything, anything and anyone in my path. Never forget where you came from and never forget how fragile our lives are.  Live.One.Day.At.A.Time.  All out.  All the time.  No regrets.  Life is amazing, so need to constantly work to keep it that way.


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Anonymous said...

Wow. OK JAB. You may not believe this but I do talk about you guys all the time. What was your name again? But seriously, Its very hard to live as if each day may be your last in any consistent way. Sometimes truth, beauty and magic come right up to kiss you on the lips and sometimes I just want the day to end. I wish I didn't do that so much. Thanks for reminding me. Love you. sisterkrystl