Friday, November 4, 2011

The Moustache Will Return For MOVEMBER

The Moustache.  It has certainly been a hot topic on Mcbone over the past few years.  This blog has immortalized the mustache in many different posts, and even in a specific blog dedicated to mustaches only.  We love them, we're mesmerized by them.  Sometimes jokingly, but most often we are truly in awe of such a spectacular miracle of life.  Some may recall a moustache contest between my brother and I, which is still under heavy investigation by the National Moustache Association, or NMA as we affectionately call it. 

But today The Moustache takes on an entirely new meaning.  November is Men's Health Awareness Month.  The Lake Erie Monsters are supporting that cause by backing a campaign called "Movember".  Movember is a global movement that goes on across the entire world during November.  Men all over the globe grow out their moustaches with the purpose of raising awareness for men's health.   More specifically much of the money raised is used for prostate cancer research and other cancers that directly affect men.
It is a tremendous movement that prompts conversation among men and women about topics that often go overlooked.  The "Mo's" are then put on display and used to raise funds that can help fight prostate and other cancers.  So much attention has been given to the women's health movement that unfortunately the men have fallen behind.  We need to change our habits and live healthier lives.

Cleveland's Lake Erie Monsters will be supporting this cause all month by posting our players photos at and allowing fans to donate money.  They can simply choose which player they feel has the best moustache and donate funds in their name which will be directly donated to men's health initiatives.  Then, on Friday, November 25th at the Monsters game we will be hosting our "Movember" night and passing out moustaches to the first 5,000 fans.  Again all in an effort to do our part in raising awareness.

SO.....Yes you guessed it.  My moustache will also be making it's triumphant, or maybe not so triumphant return.  However you want to look at it. I put together an official site where you can read everything you need to know about Movember and track all of my progress. Obviously this is where you would also donate to me and also donate to my team.  Whether you donate or not is up to you, but I highly encourage you to follow along and pass on to the men in your life.  This movement truly is meaningful, and I hope that you will enjoy the journey with me.  I'm dedicating my Movember moustache to all of the family and friends in my life that have been touched by cancer.

Peace, Love, Moustaches and Men's Health!



McBone said...

Your spelling of moustache is abominable. Otherwise, as the undisputed NOML moustache growing champion, I support this endeavor 100%.


McBone said...

Fixed, you idiot