Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nate Bowler vs. Carlo Rossi; It's a Stalemate!

In the end, after what had become an epic battle between one man and a giant jug of Carlo Rossi Burgundy, no one can lay claim to victory.  On the one hand, the jug is empty, every last drop of that wine-dark ocean, yea worthy to challenge Odysseus himself, having found its way to my belly, my bloodstream, my brain.  But you couldn't break me, Carlo!  Do you hear me, old man?  Your gallons couldn't break me!

On the other hand, I'm prostrate on the floor and possibly dead.  Just look at me, rolling around under the Christmas tree like some kind of a-hole.  If I had any kids, I'd be setting just a horrible example right now.  Wow, sure hope I don't barf!

I'm down, but don't count me out just yet.  I took one on the chin, but like Rocky in Rocky III (my favorite of all Rocky comebacks), I will rise up to drink again.  When that day comes, you, gentle McBoners, will be the first to know.


Photo by Alex


Slider K. Shaftacular said...

Offer Maestro Rossi a piece of the papal states. Maybe he'll go away quietly.

Evan said...

I hope you have a hangover tomorrow at work. Then we will be even.

Kid Shay said...

One more of those bottles and you may look more like Rocky in Rocky 6.

Not that that's a bad thing. I sure hope I look that good when I'm 112 years old.