Saturday, June 7, 2008

McBone Supports: Obama/Carter '08

Many of you are aware that I was a staunch Mike Gravel supporter in this year's election. Well, since withdrawing his candidacy from first the democratic then the libertarian ticket, I have no choice but to throw my, and McBone's support, behind Senator Barack Obama. And to be honest, McBoners, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Now, what about a running mate? Obama/Clinton you say? Humbug! Obama/Edwards? Pish posh. I defy you to find a better ticket than this:

Yes, folks, that's Carter, as in Jimmy Carter, the Anti-Reagan, the Anti-Bush, a man of wisdom, of peace. While George W. Bush is cementing his status as McBone's Worst President of All Time, Jimmy Carter works tirelessly to maintain democracy and cure disease in developing countries.

Obama/Carter is the brainchild of partner blogger Josh Shalek, who originally endorsed a Carter/Obama ticket. All that changed about a week ago.

McBone asks: why vote for a crusty old white male and his inevitable crusty white male running mate (all republicans are, as a rule and regardless of race, gender, creed, religion or sexual orientation, crusty, old, white and male), when Barack Obama offers a more contemporary vision of the world, one more nuanced than the standard fare offered by McCain about tax cuts and fiscal responsibility? Obama is, to quote Nina Simone, young, gifted and black, and we can sure as hell use a little of that right now.

McBone is proud to sponsor Obama/Carter 'O8. We hope you'll hop on board, too.


Mad Scientist of the Obama/Carter '08 campaign

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MrsFallis said...

Well, I am not sure how I feel about the veep but welcome to the Obama train its about time you got here. My 4 year old endorsed Obama months ago! Stop knocking the Fallis Family Blog, some of us work full time and don't have hours to spend online while they are supposed to be writing the great american science fiction novel! Needless to say FFB is back up and running, leave us alone but be sure to stop by.