Monday, June 11, 2007


This was the injustice that started it all for us here at McBone, and we are overjoyed to report to you all that Genarlow Wilson's ten year sentence for child molestation has been voided by judge Thomas H. Wilson.
Though his release from prison is pending an appeal by the state, it would appear that Genarlow's 27-month nightmare will be coming to an end soon.
We at McBone thank any and all of you who took the time to sign Genarlow's online petition or to write a letter to Georgia congressmen about this tragic miscarraige of justice. I believe that an active and outraged citizenry played a major role in securing this ruling, and today we can be thankful for the sliver of justice that penetrated an unfair and racist sentence.
The state of Georgia owes something it can never repay to this former honor-role student, this homecoming king who had once been a highly recruited football player. The state of Georgia owes Genarlow the 27 precious months of life it stole from one of its most promising youths.
So, Georgia, what are you going to do about it? Oh, yeah. You're appealing the ruling. Here's hoping the prosecutors are devoured by wild dogs before they can put any more young, gifted, upstanding and innocent black men in prison.
You can read about how they screwed Genarlow in more detail right here.

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