Friday, February 23, 2007

Our Beloved President, George W. Bush

What would a blog site published by the Bowler brothers be without a section solely devoted to our beloved President, George W. Bush? The questions of: How long will it take the United States to recover from his eight years as President, or has the U.S. committed itself to yet another long term catastrophic mistake by engaging in Vietnam part II, and what are those ramifications, are issues that are always up for debate in this section.

But our sole purpose will be to display the amazing ignorance and laughable events that have transpired while this man has been at the helm of our great country. We are open minded and always welcome opinions from all sides of the political world, but be prepared for strong sharp responses and harsh criticism. Those who are close to us will know that we do not censor our feelings on the issue of the worst American President in history.

That being said I would like to open the forum with a short clip of classic George W. Bush speech disasters which are always there when you need a laugh. Please scroll down to the bottom of our blog and enjoy!

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