Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Free Genarlow Wilson

Welcome, everyone, to our new blog.

This first post is dedicated to Genarlow Wilson, a young man who was sentenced to 10 years in a Georgia prison for no other crime than being a young black man. In brief, he is incarcerated for having engaged in a consensual sex act. While we could go on and on with a lot of outrage about how our country deals with certain demographics, the problem is much more eloquently reported on in the following article:

Or simply watch the video posted below. Afterwards, please sign the petition to free Genarlow Wilson at:

Genarlow Wilson belongs in college, not in prison. He should be playing football, not serving time. Such blatant injustice cannot be ignored. Please join us in support of an upstanding young man whose life and future has been compromised simply because, one night, he was caught being a normal teenager.

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