Saturday, January 4, 2014

Dreading 2014

I have but one resolution for the year 2014: be a kinder, more compassionate, less judgmental person.

Except when it comes to these shitheads:

White guys with dreadlocks are the worst people in the world.  Worse than the Koch brothers.  Worse than Stalin.  George Carlin asserted that white men should never, ever sing the blues.  I get where he's coming from, though I respectfully disagree.  To my mind, a far more egregious crime is the obnoxious white guy who has the colossal gall to wear dreadlocks.  You want proof that white people are the absolute worst, that nothing is sacred, that we have to appropriate every fucking last thing, no matter how lame we make it?  Here you go:

Piss on you, white guys with dreadlocks.

Everyone else, I love you and happy 2014!



Kathy said...

Yikes....Nate.....whatever happened to the idea of "going through a phase". Seamus had long magnificent red dreadlocks --looked like a lion. Certainly looked better in them than Ziggy Marley...even looked better than many African Americans! When the time came the locks were ceremoniously sheared, put in a ziploc bag, brought to a forest and sprinkled into the wind......that's more than you can say about your moustaches!!! I am so waiting for William to reach adolescence.....(Kathy)

McBone said...

Dammit, Kathy. Fine. Consider my rant retracted. I love EVERYONE.

I'm looking forward to adolescence too, if Wm is going to scream at me every time he bathes.


Aaron Voreck said...

I figured out the answer to what they did w/ the trillions. They invented a Diamond w/ Art inside of them, like Red Ruby Roses or/ Golden Footbals with diamond around them,... & Cashed In ;)