Monday, April 29, 2013

McBone Hero of the Month: May 2013

Bravery = 1 openly gay athlete in 4 major sports.
Because you had the guts to be first, Jason, when you knew there would be reactions of all kinds, many of them savage, base and utterly batshit, you are our hero.

No, you are not a sinner, in spite of what Cleveland-born, Oberlin-educated former Akron Beacon Journal columnist Chris Broussard says.

And yes, it is a big deal.  Ignore those trying to dismiss this as a non-story.  There is a reason it took until 2013, and there is a reason a journeyman center with a 3.6 career scoring average finds himself on the cover of the country's biggest sports magazine.  Even in retirement, only a small handful have come out.  Your career has been a modest one, but you belong in the Hall of Fame.

As for you, Chris Broussard, we officially revoke your credentials as a NE Ohio native and your degree from Oberlin.  You are now a Liberty University grad from Topeka.  You may apply for reinstatement when you can prove that you've come to your senses.