Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Keys/ White Menace

The Black Keys.  They're from West Akron.  We're from West Akron.  I'm happy for the guys, and I'm proud of their success.  While it's true I've got a small ongoing beef with one half of the duo, my respect for the Firestone High School grads grew exponentially after reading this, from their recent Rolling Stone cover story:

They had turned down a six-figure opportunity to use a song in a mayonnaise ad the year before.

The passage relates to their struggle to gain financial footing in the early years of their recording career.  As tempting as those dollars must have been, they knew mayonnaise has no place in Rock 'n' Roll.  Cheers to you, lads, for not losing your souls on the way to stardom.


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Kid Shay said...

My respect for them has grown exponentially.