Sunday, June 24, 2012

The O Word

A few days ago my mother said the 'O'-word to an employee at the athletic club she belongs to.  The woman's response?  'Obama is a Muslim.'

And on and on it goes, this perfect alloy of ignorance and stupidity when it comes to our president.  But then it's more than just ignorance, isn't it?  And it's more than stupidity.  Oh yeah, we know what she really meant.  Muslim is just one of the polite ways people are calling Obama a n----r these days.  Here's some more:

Illegal alien
Chief Wahoo*

They all mean the same thing, and in that context they are equally vile.  Leading up to the election of 2008, John McCain, with no shortage of exasperation, ordered his supporters to knock it off.  McCain was running for president.  He was taking it seriously.  He wanted to talk policy, but he was surrounded by people with tapioca for brains.

And here we are--2012, and still we see Obama posters with postage-stamp moustaches.  Mitt Romney, does it bother you that these votes are coming your way?  Don't they smell kind of funny?  Don't they embarrass the hell out of you?  They should.  Why not do something about it?  Start by telling our Birther-in-Chief to shut the fuck up.


*OK not really

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